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The Little Princess Series 'Louisa Lane Drew' Wooden DIY Dollhouse Kit

The Little Princess Series 'Louisa Lane Drew' Wooden DIY Dollhouse Kit

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The Little Princess Series 'Louisa Lane Drew' Wooden DIY Doll House Kit is part of a series of Dollhouses that are a tribute to Great Women Inventors, Creators, Characters etc. Each one of these women did something very great or meaningful.

Louisa Lane Drew was actually Drew Barrymores' Grandmother... she was the first woman to run a very successful American Theatre in a time where women weren't seen to be influential or were given any power... She proved them all wrong! Louisa Lane Drew achieved a lot in her life and worth the time to look her up and discover more about her.

This DIY Kit, comes as an UNPAINTED KIT form, in pieces to paint and glue together... definitely easier to paint before you assemble. The pictured example is just for inspiration only. It is made from 3mm MDF and is quite absorbent in the first coat if a sealer is not used. The house pictured was painted using a fluid acrylic paint which because it was not sealed acted more like a stain... it absorbed into the wood and in parts a number of coats were used to give more of a paint look... the choice is yours. If you are painting prior to assembly please be mindful of not getting paint onto the tabs and in the hole where the tabs fit as this may cause issues when you are trying to assemble. The fit of the tabs is not super tight to allow for ease of gluing.

You will need,

Paint, brushes, glue, clamps (optional), acetate for windows (optional), lighting. 

The house measures
Width 35cms
Depth 30cms
Height 32.5cms

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