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Tasmanian Oak Wooden Dotting Rods

Tasmanian Oak Wooden Dotting Rods

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Tasmanian Oak Wooden Dotting Rods are a beautiful tool to use to create your dotting masterpiece!  These are lovely to hold, feeling the natural wood... you can however, paint them in your favourite colours using acrylic paint. 

Each handcrafted rod measures approx 10cms...They come in 7 different thicknesses... 
19mm, 16mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm and 3mm with a pointed end... perfect for those tiny dots... 

Wipe clean using a slightly damp paper towel and dry immediately after use.  You will see remnants of the paint previously used due to the nature of the wood but it will not effect the use.  Do not soak in water.  They can be freshened up using a light sandpaper to remove any built up paint.

Handy Hint... use sandpaper or nail file to make one end oval or teardrop to create different shaped dots... nice!



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