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Scrunchies - Pink Proteas

Scrunchies - Pink Proteas

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All Wild Wicks Scrunchies have been lovingly handcrafted in SA... by me!

I am an original 80's girl so scrunchies go way back for me... I have made countless scrunches in the past... always making one at the last minute to match my outfit before heading out the the local 'disco' in my 'fluro'... so, fast forward (many many years) to present time, to be able to start making them again brings me so much joy!

Most of the Wild Wicks Scrunchies will have coordinating fabric button earrings if you need that bit extra... or, you could coordinate them with a plain colour... earrings are sold separately and not included.

The Scrunchies come in 3 sizes...

Skinny - 8-9cms in diameter... great for a hit of colour... made with12mm non-roll elastic measuring approx. 19-20cms in length

Classic - 12-13cms in diameter... perfect for everyday wearing... made with12mm non-roll elastic measuring approx. 19-20cms in length

Large - 19-20cms in diameter... this is the ideal choice if you wish to make a statement! Made with 20mm non-roll elastic approx. 21-22cms in length

These are suitable for most hair types, including thick hair or those that suffer from headaches if your hair ties are too tight (that would be me!) I hate anything tight in my hair but still love wearing it up...

All designs are limited stock so get in quick!

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