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MDF Cutout Christmas Tree Set

MDF Cutout Christmas Tree Set

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Decorate these awesome MDF cutouts your way... paint, dot, decoupage, doodle, glue... the list goes on.  The only limit is your imagination!  

They are great for wall or door decorations or decorate a heap for you Christmas Tree... an excellent activity for kids parties or simply a nice relaxing thing to paint in an afternoon with 'the girls' along with a glass of red!  They would also make a great personalized gift tag... you would just need to drill a small hole...

MDF is a porous wood, so, it's recommended (but not absolutely necessary) to use a sealer first so the paint applies smoother.  If you find once it is dried there is some warping, apply paint to to other side as well to minimize this.  Allow wet paint or applied finish to dry on a flat surface.  Finish with a varnish or protective sealer to protect the completed masterpiece!

A Set of 4

Measurements as pictured from left to right in main photo Approx 

H173mm W93mm 
H173mm W146mm 
H173mm W137mm 
H173mm W135mm 

These cutouts will be raw unpainted 4mm MDF.

There are heaps of new designs added each month so if there is something that you would like but not see, please let me know so I can add it to the next release...

This finished turtle design can be viewed on the Wild Wicks Gift YouTube channel by clicking on the play icon at the bottom of the page...


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