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Magical Miniature Fairy Garden House

Magical Miniature Fairy Garden House

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Magical Miniature Fairy Garden House with removable Roof has been made to house any mystical mini creature in need of a cool place to live.. just like the creatures that live in The Shire...
It comes with a removeable roof so you can rearrange furniture or redecorate with ease and also has a round front door that opens.
It comes in 2 different sizes, the larger one is just a bit deeper to fit more in. The smaller one would look cute tucked away in a book shelf.

This DIY Kit, comes as an UNPAINTED KIT form, in pieces to paint and glue together... definitely easier to paint before you assemble and comes with instructions. It is made from 3mm MDF and is quite absorbent in the first coat if a sealer is not used. If you don't use a sealer, you may just need an extra coat or 2 of paint. If you are painting prior to assembly please be mindful of not getting paint onto the tabs and in the hole where the tabs fit as this may cause issues when you are trying to assemble. The fit of the tabs is not super tight to allow for ease of gluing. If you do get excess paint in the tab holes, just use a small file or nail file to remove any paint... its much easier to do this when the paint is wet using toothpicks or popsticks to remove paint.

Lighting is not included. You can pick up some cute little fairy lights at Bunnings.

It does not come with windows... these are optional if you wish to add them yourself.

The house comes in 2 sizes that measure approx.

Width 25cms
Depth 21cms
Height 18cms

Large (same front size but deeper)
Width 25cms
Depth 27cms
Height 18cms

Tiny Furniture is also available if you would like to furnish your little house... check out my Mini Mansion Series furniture listings... they will have the matchbox pictured next to them for size reference... simply type in 'Mini Mansion Series' in the search bar to view the whole range...

This cute little house was designed by Tatyana from Laser Cut Vectors.

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