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Lavender Apothecary DIY Wooden Shop Kit - General Store

Lavender Apothecary DIY Wooden Shop Kit - General Store

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Have you ever wanted to own your own shop? Now is your chance to make it happen... but in miniature!

I always wanted a store like this filled with beautiful candles, soaps, lotions and potions... hence, my little store is the Lavender Apothecary... there will be pictures once it is painted...
Maybe it could be a General Store, Book Store, Coffee Shop, Gift Store, Bakery, Coffee Shop, Fabric and Craft Store... the list is endless! Just make it yours.

The signage is personalized so it will complete your new shop... please fill out the section for personalization or feel free to message me with your request.

There are 2 levels... maybe a little tea room up stairs? Downstairs there are shelves that go along the back wall and there is a counter to place in you desired spot...
The roof can be made removeable and the side comes away for easy access.

This is a KIT to be made by you... unpainted. It comes flat packed in pieces and comes with instructions for easy assembly.
Glue is needed as joins are made to be easily put together... not too tight.
Can be painted or left as is... if painting, a primer will make it easier to apply paint as it is MDF and it absorbs paint quickly, but it is not absolutely necessary.

You will need,

Paint, brushes, glue, clamps (optional), acetate for windows (optional), lighting. 

The actual building measures W 290mm x D 240mm
The Base measures W340 x D 290mm
Height is 282mm

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