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Greenhouse DIY Wooden Kit - Diarama

Greenhouse DIY Wooden Kit - Diarama

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Have you ever wanted to create you own greenhouse? Now is your chance to make it happen... but in miniature... and best of all, you don't have to water it!

This very cute little greenhouse can be filled with little plants either from the 'real' garden or get creative and make you own out of paper! You can also use small leafed plastic plants... my option shown. If you opt for real plants, this should be for short term decorative purposes only, it is not an actual functioning greenhouse... the wood is MDF which is quite absorbent as far as water is concerned. Quite simply, it doesn't like to get wet!

This kit does NOT come with all the cute accessories, boots, garden tools, plants, planter boxes and does NOT come with the actual windows. (I used lamination sheets put through a laminator with nothing in them...) This kit is the actual wooden building only. I have just given you some inspiration on what you can do... Instead of painting it, I covered mine in woodgrain printed matt photographic paper for a nice realistic look. The cobblestone floor was created using this technique as well... there are a lot of awesome online sites that offer textured paper. Doing it this way is extremely time consuming but so satisfying to see it looking so realistic! The doors of the kit you will receive will be the same style as shown in the 'decorated' greenhouse... a single window not the double widow showing in the door of the pictured unpainted greenhouse.

This is a KIT to be made by you... unpainted. It comes flat packed in pieces and comes with instructions for easy assembly.
Glue is needed as joins are made to be easily put together... not too tight.
Can be painted or left as is... if painting, a primer will make it easier to apply paint as it is MDF and it absorbs paint quickly, but it is not absolutely necessary.

You will need,

Paint, brushes, glue, clamps (optional), acetate for windows (optional), lighting. 

The Kit is made from 4mm and 3mm MDF unpainted wood.
The base of the building measures W 192mm x D 232mm
The roof measures W235 x D 235mm
Height is 315mm

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