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DIY Wooden Kit - 1/6 Scale Half 4 Draw Unit

DIY Wooden Kit - 1/6 Scale Half 4 Draw Unit

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Have you ever wanted to build your own 1/6 Scale furniture? Believe me, you will be addicted no matter your age and you will want to collect them all!  I'm mid 50's and loving every minute!

This great 4 Draw Unit is the perfect addition to your Dollhouse kitchen for all your Dolls kitchen goodies...

This Kit will allow you to build your very own one of a kind beautiful piece of furniture. It is designed and laser cut by me here in Lewiston and comes with very detailed pictured instructions on how to assemble your kit. I have also included a full page of tips and hints to help you along the way. It comes UNPAINTED and separate pieces FLAT PACKED for you to build. It DOES NOT come as you see pictured, this is just to show you what your piece will look like when it is finished. I have also shown you how it will look nestled in amongst other pieces... this kit is just for the Oven.

If you wish to put on your own handles, please message me with your order and I will not laser cut the existing holes for the handles that come with this kit so you have a nice flush surface to place your own handles.


  • H - 14.2cms
  • W - 5.9cms
  • D - 10.6cms


  • Wood Glue, I prefer Gorilla Wood Glue available from
  • Bunnings but any wood glue will do.
  • Clamps, rubber bands or masking tape to hold pieces while they are drying...
  • I picked up mine from Bunnings... they have a great range of smaller clamps.
  • Pegs to hold glued layers together... the little metal ones are great!
  • Paint, brushes, rollers etc. to decorate.

I have spent the last 6 months working on this mammoth project as I wanted to design something unique and exciting to build... if you get stuck along the way, please do not hesitate to message me and I will do all I can to assist! There will be new designs added in the future along with the Room Boxes to fit them all in! There are lots of exciting pieces from all rooms of the house planned! I simply cannot wait to see what everyone creates.

I would not recommend these kits for young children due to the small parts in some kits... they are more for the collector and big kids at heart!

All designs are exclusive to Wild Wicks and remain the property of Debton Trading Pty Ltd.

They are not to be reproduced in any way for any purpose.  For personal use only.

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