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DIY KIT Groundskeeper Hut by the Magical School for Witches and Wizards

DIY KIT Groundskeeper Hut by the Magical School for Witches and Wizards

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Have you ever wanted to build your own Magical little hut to house a very friendly half giant and half human groundskeeper that may or may not be located next to a Magical School for Witches and Wizards...  Mmmmm.... you get my drift...
This awesome DIY Wooden Kit will give you a great head start...

It comes in 2 sizes depending in the space you have to display it... the smaller one might find a home in your bookshelf nestled amongst your travel books and the larger one would look great sitting on a larger shelf... the choice is yours..

The Smaller Kit is made from 3mm MDF and measures at its widest point approx  360mm wide and 240mm in height. 
The Larger Kit is made from 4mm MDF and measures at its widest point approx 450mm wide and 320mm in height (this measurement is still to be confirmed as build is underway...)  These measurements may vary depending on where you locate your stairs...

The Kit comes unpainted ready to assemble with detailed pictured instructions and a YouTube video featuring assembly is on its way... stay tuned!

You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you choose.  You can also make it so the roof is removable to access the inside... 

The kit does not come with windows or lights... you can customize these as you choose...  great little light kits can be purchased at Bunnings...

You will need glue, paint, brushes, paper, acetate for windows etc as you choose... it does come with a small nail file for sanding parts of the roof to give a nice fit... extra sandpaper may be needed. You will also need lighting if you wish to have it lit...

This KIT is an unpainted DIY flat pack to assemble yourself.


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