New Products are on the way!

Morning all...

Here at Wild Wicks HQ we have decided to add some colour... in the form of yummy paints and various Art Supplies to get your creative juices flowing!  

There is a new category in the Catalogue listings... 'Art Supplies', so be sure to check back regularly as there will be lots of exciting goodies coming...

One of the latest additions to our Art Supplies are the Mont Marte Premium Metallic Acrylic Paints in 50ml Tubes... with 10 stunning colours to choose from...

These Premium Metallic Acrylics will add a beautiful simmering addition to your art as well as your craft projects... they are a smooth consistency and dry to a pearly silk metallic finish.

They feature a very good lightfastness rating which means they will keep their lustrous metallic sheen for years to come.

Being water based paints clean up is quick and easy, they are non toxic and are quick drying.

These paints are semi-opaque paint but you can achieve more opaque layers by applying multiple coats... allowing each to dry before applying the next.

I mix these paints with a splash of Pouring Medium (which will be available in the Art Supplies section) and as much water needed to get desired thickness for my Dot Art to achieve the perfect shiny metallic dots... instructional videos are on the way... stay tuned!

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