Exciting News!

Sea Turtle Cutout Dot Mandala Painting

OK... here it is... I've finally gathered the courage to start my own Wild Wicks YouTube channel... it will be all the making and creating of everything that is Wild Wicks... we will paint, make cards, sew 'stuff', create miniature worlds, give advice, share secrets, laugh lots, and maybe drink some wine, and try not to spill it!!!!

So, I would reaaalllllyyy love it if you would come along on this fun adventure with me, subscribe to my Channel, become a part of our little family and hopefully be inspired to make something you love... and share with others...

Its gunna be fun but a lot of work... please be kind as I'm new to all this editing and filming stuff... but I want to get it all out there... warts and all...

Check it out HERE... and enjoy!


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